Computer Games As Teaching Tools For Working Adults

Computer Games As Teaching Tools For Working Adults

While computer games are a popular source of entertainment they can also be used for educational purposes. Many industries now use specially designed computer games to train new employees and update the skills of established employees.

One of them is the hospitality industry, as those who work in it can use a computer game to learn proper customer service skills. Some of today’s largest hotel chains use a computer game in which common customer situations are simulated so that employees can get hands on training before they start a new job. These games are used to train hotel housekeepers, front desk agents and more.

Computer games that train adults for their work

An undisclosed brewery also sees the value of computer games. They used one to train their bartenders by letting them play a game in which completing a good pour gets them a reward. The game also penalizes bartenders who make a mistake during their pour that would possibly lead to cross-contamination in a real situation.

The food services industry has utilized computer games in more than one way. A good example of this is one particular ice cream franchise that uses a video game to show their employees how to serve the proper sized scoop.

Computer Games As Teaching Tools For Working AdultsEven the healthcare industry is getting in on the trend of using computer games as a teaching tool. Call center employees for a major carrier of health insurance have jumped on the bandwagon. They are using an app game that includes healthcare trivia questions which randomly pop up. A study conducted by the manufacturer of the game determined that using the computer game for training led to a deduction in mistakes made by 66%.

Surgeons are also using computer games to learn and refine necessary skills for their profession. Simulators have been created to teach laparoscopic surgeons how to use small incision tools in a safe and effective manner. Story based games are also being used to help improve not only hand-eye coordination but also spatial perception, something that is critical for laparoscopic surgeons.

Even hospitals can use games

There are even hospitals that have taken to using computer games to help train staff members on how to handle urgent care/emergency situations. Using computer games for this purpose is expected to result in fewer errors made by staff in addition to raising patient care standards.

Other industries that use computer games as teaching tools include accounting and firefighting. Accountants have now begun playing games that include knowledge tests built into the software. They are motivated to answer the questions correctly because if they don’t they can’t keep playing the game.

In the firefighting industry simulators have long been used to teach employees the proper ways to extinguish a fire safely and effectively. New firefighters can easily be trained to work together to get their job done. This allows them to make mistakes in situations where no one’s life is in danger and makes them more effective in real life scenarios. It is the perfect example of how computer games can be educational.