Internet and Cloud-Based Computing

The term cloud is a metaphor denoting the internet. Cloud-based computing involves, storing and accessing data and programs over the virtual interface, the internet rather than from your storage media, hard drives. Cloud computing has revolutionized our lives in many ways, and this article will look at some of the impacts of cloud computing. If you are interested in cloud computing, check out IBM´s cloud computing website.

Social Impact of Cloud Computing

cloud computingFrom the advent of social media platforms and sites like YouTube, they are a testimony on how people have transformed interaction with each other from a social perspective. From remote locations in the worlds, every corner of the world can have access to it through the internet. The term Global has shrunk. Moreover, the idea of citizen journalism where any individual can transform into a freelance journalist and report on instances is becoming popular day by day. People can report news that would spark an uproar in social media platforms.

Also, never has it need easier to link with longtime friends and associates with the internet. Facebook is a good example. Not forgetting, influential public figures and even giant corporates utilizing twitter to get a feel for the community.

Businesses take advantage of cloud computing developments and the ever dependable social media platforms to further their agendas. More enterprises are accessing most of their data through cloud-based information resources, to learn more and get better insights on consumer requirements and needs.

Cloud Computing Impact on Education

None have been quicker to realize the potential hidden on cloud computing and the benefits accrued than the education industry. More importantly, educational institutions have been gearing towards cloud computing due to the following reasons:

  • The ability for the students to access data wherever, whenever they need to. Also, aid in enrolling on classes and courses online and even participate in group activities
  • Reduction in expenses by combining automation of business processes.
  • No need to cater for complicated infrastructure.
  • One can easily process billings for education and non-education related activities

Developmental Impact of Cloud Computing

Cloud technology has benefited developing countries as they no longer require to invest in costly infrastructure. As with the educational sector, other key sectors like agriculture, banking, health, and science can also benefit from cloud technology.

Cloud Computing Impact on Health

In the healthcare industry, cloud technology in on the rise, steadily. Managing chunks of data from patients and sharing of it among medical practitioners and professionals require operational costs. Therefore, using cloud-based technology, this cost is significantly reduced.


While challenges of transitioning from traditional to modern tools will always be there, the benefits are noted. These are but a few of the industries that will be shifting directly over the years with advancement in cloud computing.