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PowerBook Source MacWorld Coverage Center – 13 January 2001

Welcome to our MacWorld 2001 coverage center. As the week progresses, tune in here to get the latest news on MacWorld announcements, starting with Steve Jobs’ keynote address. As we get them, we’ll also be providing reviews of new products.

  • Real-time coverage of Steve Jobs’ keynote address, with pictures of the new PowerBook G4.
  • Detailed Recap of the keynote.
  • Even though Steve didn’t really mention it in his keynote, you can now get the MacOS 9.1 update from Apple.
  • Our PowerBook G4 News Center.
  • Product Announcements

PowerLogix has announced that in addition to its upgrade CPU card for the Wallstreet PowerBook models, it will now be offering CPU upgrade cards for the Lombard PowerBook line – the BlueChip G3 LS. The upgrade comes in 466MHz and 500MHz versions and offers 1MB backside cache memory running on a cache data bus at half the processor speed (233MHz and 250MHz respectively). The upgrade is expected to ship in the middle of February 2001 and should retail for $599 (466MHz) and $699 (500MHz).

Several of our readers have noted that MacOS 9.1 DOES work well on PowerBook 1400s upgraded with the Sonnet card. They also not that the QuickTime audio problem that led to crashes while playing MP3s does not seem to be happening.

ATI has announced its Xclaim TV USB Edition, an external USB video input device for Macs. It features input support for audio and S-Video or composite video sources, for captures of still images at 320×240 pixels, and for recording 30fps video at 320×240 pixels. The Xclaim will provide 125-channel tuning and support for closed captioning, parental control, and 4-channel preview. Expected to ship in Spring 2001, the Xclaim will cost $99.

At MacWorld LaCie is premiering its new 18-inch flat-panel LCD monitor, the photon18blue. The monitor is encased in a dark-blue enclosure and has a maximum resolution of 1280×1024 at 60Hz, .28 dot pitch, and a 160 degree side-to-side viewing angle. The screen also can be rotated to portrait or landscape mode. The monitor has both 15-pin VGA and DVI connections and is expected to start shipping at the end of February 2001. Pricing is not yet set, but is expected to be in the neighborhood of $2,600.

10 January 2000
LaCie has announced its portable PocketDrive CD-RW drive as the first portable drive to include both FireWire and USB support. Available in 10GB, 20GB, and 30GB sizes, the drive’s dimensions are a small 0.6″x3.5″x5.75″. The drive retails for $409.

SmartDisk Corporation announced the new VST FireWire CD-R/W, a portable drive that requires NO battery or AC adapter, getting all of its power from the FireWire bus. The drive features plug & play support, a compact 5.6″x7″x1″ size, and a front-loading CD tray. The drive is priced at $429.95 and is available right now at VST’s website. Resellers should have the drive in stock by the end of the month.

As part of its MacWorld promotional program, Other World Computing is offering 3 bundles with PowerLogix’s G3/500 BlueChip Wallstreet upgrade ($639.95 by itself). Bundle#1 includes the upgrade and a 256MB RAM card for $734.95; Bundle#2 includes the upgrade and IBM Travelstar 20GB Hard Drive for $829.95; Bundle#3 includes all three (upgrade, memory and drive) for $929.95.

JAM Bags has introduced three new cases for Apple portables at MacWorld Expo booth 4643: MacPack for iBooks, the MacCase for PowerBooks, and JAM-Pack. The MacPack comes in small ($74.95) and large ($89.95) sizes and is available in all iBook flavors as well as JAM’s “stealth” security color theme. It features fully padded rear/bottom/top/side panels, a padded pocket-divider, and secondary compartments. The $74.95 MacCase is a handheld/shoulder case with fabrics that mimic the G3 PowerBook line’s matte-stain finish, and several exterior pockets for accessories. The $99.95 JAM-Pack cases can be used with either the iBook or PowerBook, and has many padded copmartments with rivet-reinforced high stress areas.

MacWorld Expo visitors can visit TechWorks’ booth to see its new Buffalo AirStation, an access station for serving wireless LANs. The stations are compatible with Apple’s AirPort cards, offer 11 Mbps transfer rates at distances of 80 feet indoors and 165 feet outdoors (or 1 Mbps rates at distances up to 165 indoors and 375 outdoors), and come in kits ranging in price from $89.00 to $579.00.