pre built computerPC gamers and enthusiasts find themselves presented with two options when it comes to purchasing a gaming computer: prebuilt or custom built. In essence, both have their advantages. Custom-built PCs provide the user with more option in what exactly goes into their systems, whereas prebuilt gaming systems are always built for performance.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits to selecting a prebuilt gaming computer.

  1. Great for all Levels

A prebuilt gaming system is versatile, catering for every available need, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned gamer. Entry-level gamers have not idea about assembling a system but have some general knowledge of gaming machines and hardware. Therefore, prebuilt systems come in handy. Also, the seasoned gamer can still benefit from prebuilt systems, since they’ll know what they are getting for the price, and need not worry about the collecting time and resources to build a machine they can just buy.

  1. Built for High-End Performance

Prebuilt gaming computers as mentioned earlier, are made for performance, they are powerful pieces designed for gaming and contain the right mix of hardware, like high-definition resolution and smooth frame rates. When purchasing a prebuilt gaming PC, the company usually provides the games details, the tests on the computer and its relative performance. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the performance of your potential gaming computer on high-end games.

Additionally, prebuild PC are made by professionals who understand concepts like overclocking and compatibility issues. A perfectly overclocked system perform to the highest standards while maintaining the temperature levels, reducing overheating issues.

  1. Saves Time and Hassle

Building your gaming PC is only fun if you have time to spend on the experience. However, if you are looking to save time or are not interested in researching the components, a prebuilt gaming PC is the ideal choice. All the hardware pieces are assembled correctly and tested for performance. You’re good to go once you purchase a prebuilt machine.

Also, buying prebuilt gets you more support from the manufacturer, compared to custom building your PC where you have different parts with their warranties and manufacturer support. A prebuilt PC gets you one streamlined warranty as well as support.

There you have it; these are some of the key benefits that come with purchasing a prebuilt gaming PC.

Starting an Online Gambling Business in 4 Easy Steps

The iGaming industry has fostered consistent and considerable growth in the past few years. More and more operators are taking to the online gambling stage and issuing out their services online. However, this can mean that it has now become hard to keep up and stay ahead of the competition since the online market is free for all, you’ll have to differentiate yourself from the rest if you have to make it in this business.

starting a businessThe basic needs for starting an online gambling business are:

  • a professional iGaming software
  • a gambling license
  • a merchant account
  • a dedicated server

However, this isn’t all if you need to ensure success and attract potential customers to your door. Specific factors need to be considered to solidify your presence and ensure complete success.

  1. Choose a reliable iGaming software provider

This is the most crucial decision you’ll have to make, considering this is a long-term partnership with your software provider. Take your time to assess the existing options and discover those with the best price and offering quality services. The best software provider is one that has a deep understanding of the online gaming industry and experience in successfully launching online casinos. Additionally, you’ll need a flexible, and fully customizable software that gives you access and control.

  1. Include the best features on your online gambling website for your customers?

Add more games to the standard casino or sportsbook platform; here you can enlist the services of a reliable gaming provider to help you integrate all the necessary content smoothly to the website interface.

  1. Obtain a gambling license that’ll cover the targeted jurisdiction

There is no point in building an online gambling business if you are not legally allowed. Though there are popular gaming jurisdictions all over, in the end, local legislation prevails and imposes over any international law. Therefore, align yourself with the country you want to launch your business into and obtain the license. In choosing the jurisdiction, take note of the following:

  • reputation
  • licensing requirements
  • duration of the application procedure
  • costs and taxes
  1. Choose a payment system provider

Any online business requires a payment system provide to enable secure transactions and for convenience, having multiple payment options for your players. At the same time, you’ll need to consider the increasing demand for payment providers that adapt their services to the certain regional market conditions. Also, it should be secure for the players to use.


Starting an online gambling business is indeed a daunting task. However, with these tips, one can smoothen the process of acquiring a license, a gambling software provider who will also integrate the best and secure payment options and also introduce more games and features for the player to enjoy.

Technology is advancing and rapidly changing dynamically; more so, in the gaming industry, in contrast to the 90s when the revolution had just begun, more related stuff is becoming possible today. For instance, a portion of the most creative and nigh-impossible inventions are emerging to the technological industry frontline; they are Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Augmented and virtual reality are both similar in one thing, the ability to alter how we perceive the physical world. However, they differ in the perception of our presence. With this said, let us put things into perspective by using gaming as a point of reference. Virtual Reality surpasses Augmented Reality when it comes to gaming, even though the latter is more industrious than the former.

ar vr gaming

Gaming Contrasts on both platforms

In truth, virtual reality developers create and dominate the entire environment. It’s a video game but constructing a virtual world for habitation by someone (gamer), implies you can tell them a story by systematically placing certain trigger events, controlling character, controlling lighting, etc. Players then navigate this created virtual world through a specially designed hardware but remain sitting or standing in the same place in the physical world.

However, augmented reality doesn’t offer any level of control. A game developed and immersed in AR, lets you play on the move, this means that you’ll have to be mindful of your surroundings. Additionally, you will need vast amounts of space to play specific games like role-playing games and strategic military campaign games.

AR is just not good for traditional games

That fact that control in AR has been stripped is the main issue with augmented reality gaming. Most games require control and AR cannot afford it. However, in games that utilize your creativity like strategy games, then AR would shine and outdo its limitations.


To the winners of this argument in the future, the answer could be determined by one’s perception. However, in the near future, VR will probably become the giant in the gaming industry, simply because of the technology developing it presently is more advanced than AR developing the technology. However, with the improvement of AR mechanics in the subsequent years will yield more success for the platform. A point to note is that AR is much younger than VR, therefore the rate at which they advance is different.

Who knows, there could be room for both in the near future.

The gambling market in especially Europe has seen an increased demand for casino games and online casinos 2018. Most players prefer to play on mobile phones and tablets nowadays as well, compared to laptops and computers. One of the reasons that there is such a demand for this type of games is that the players can get new bonuses on each casino. When you register as a new player, you will have the opportunity to get a casino bonus 2018 with extended play time. According to statistics, this is one of the main reasons that the players register so many new casino accounts.

casino bonus 2018 free spins 2018

These increase in casinos 2018 and beyond will most likely also affect the type of bonus that the players get from the casino. Gambling is a business with lots of money and this also spurs innovation, for both casino concepts and rewards. The most famous gambling operator offers will most likely still be new free spins casino 2018 even if other bonuses exist. These can be deposit bonus where you get money to play with. Every player should now that certain terms and conditions apply to these casino bonuses.

So, how will this type of games affect the use of computers to play slots, black jack, poker and other games? Everything points to the fact that laptop computers are used more rarely. Instead, mobile usage will increase a lot for gambling related games. This is due to the fact that mobile processor power is much more powerful today and the games are getting better and better. The screens on mobile devices have crisp graphics and perhaps most important; you can play from wherever you are! It is not only games related to casino and gambling that will increase in mobile use during the year and upcoming year 2018. Other types of mobile games will also see a more profitable future. It will for sure be an exciting next year!

Game Studio Acid Wizard, has uploaded its entire game; topdown Horror Darkwood on the torrent-site The Pirate Bay. According to the creators, the decision came after they had read the comment from someone who had demanded repayment.

Darkwood is all about a dark, randomly generated world that you look through from a bird’s eye perspective. In those scary environments, it is a matter of living their character, managing their resources and surviving for as long as possible.


On July 24th, Darkwood was released as early access game on game service Steam. It’s not the complete experience (and more work will be done before the final release, if we believe the developers’ planning)  Although there are some placeholders and untouched moments, the adventure must be “very playable”.

Darkwood, for free

In order for Steam to accept a refund, the total playing time may not exceed two hours. The fact that people can not play throughout their games because they can not afford felt just so boring.

So instead of turning this person to one of the gamekey teammates, described by the studio as “the cancer that is leeching off this industry,” they simply chose to upload the game for free on The Pirate Bay.

However, if you want to support the developers; we recommend to pick up the game on Steam. For about 13 Euro. it’s worth it. Read more on the Steam page and check the trailer below.

Very Positive Reception

A month ago, we watched a live action trailer for Darkwood, the top-down game horror found in early access since the summer of 2014. Finally,

Reviews on Steam have so far been “very positive” based on the 944 user reviews. This is unusually many, for a few days old indie game. Darkwood uses random-generated environments, and you  spend the days gathering materials and making items so that you have something to defend yourself at nights.

Whether we want or not, fall is slowly beginning to sneak up on us with it’s damp darkness, and those who like horror can soon escape the shattered bright evenings.

The has game certainly made an impact on Early Access, beginning  from the Steam Greenlight program. So if you like isometric horror-games with an atmosphere heavy as lead, this might be worth a look at.

Download the game, and support the developers over at Steam.

New casinos 2018, yes, what can you really expect from this fast growing industry in 2018? One thing is certain, and that is that time will fly by when you notice how fun you’re having when playing on all new online casinos that appear daily. Half of  2017 has already passed us by, and we are now in the middle of more relaxing summer times with sun, bathing and maybe some fun online casino-sessions at the beach. Perhaps it’s time to calm down after a long and cold winter, while looking ahead to see what’s up for the casino industry in the future.

new casinos 2018

An incredible growth for New Casinos 2018

The casino-industry is an industry that grows at a rate that almost feels a bit unreal. And everyone seems to want a bite! With little more open rules and softer jurisdictions, an online casino can now be started relatively smoothly – if you have the motivation and the money that is. However, to succeed in the industry, one must really go all the way while doing something innovative in this increasingly saturated industry.

Gamefication and VR at New Casinon 2018

The question is how the future of online casinos will look, and what can you expect from new casinos in 2018? “Gamefication” is a term used quite regularly when it comes to companies today; Mostly in the IT and commerce sector. What “gamefication” briefly means, is that the site create a kind of “game” for customers so that they feel a form of success and satisfaction when performing actions on thir website. It may be a matter of giving players gold coins or emblems when solving a problem or otherwise proceeding in the game. An example of retailing may be that the customer receives an offer like: “Order 6 different items online, and you will gain a level, and get a gold medal to show others on your profile page.” Similar systems are implemented at online casinos 2018, where players gain a “level” or level up the more times they place money, participate in different campaigns and win or take home bonuses!

Another thing we will see is being implemented at the new casinos in 2018, Virtual Reality Support. It also appears that so-called AR (Augumented Reality) will be implemented in one way or another for online casino for mobile devices. Imagine Pokemon GO with a casino theme, where you see casino moments in the real world and can download Free Spins while you’re out walking. Pretty exciting times!