Artificial intelligence, AI, is something we hear more and more about every week. But what does this really mean? And how will we, you, be affected by this? In this overview guide of AI, we will look into this new and very interesting technology.

What is Artificial intelligence?

In short terms, AI is when machines can get intelligent by themselves. Up until recently, computers and other machines have only been able to act from what we, humans, have programmed them to do. With AI, the machines get cognitive features which can give them the possibility to learn from earlier experiences. In the long-term, these machines are supposed to be used in multiple different areas and can save a lot of time from humans. Today, already, AI is used within the casino industry and many other areas. But, the technology has so far only taken some baby steps, why we expect to see more and more of this in the next coming years.

artificial intelligence

However, a risk is that unemployment will increase a lot to cheap Artificial intelligence machines at positions whereas humans before have been needed. This issue divides thinkers into two sections; the progressive thinkers that believe that the time saved will result in humans having an opportunity to be more productive and feeling better, whereas the opposition sees a lot of people getting into poverty and a larger inequality.

Learn more about AI in a fun way – Watch movies

If you are interested in seeing how AI can be used in real life, watching a couple of movies about this is a good, and fun, idea! Many of us remember “Skynet”, from the epic film series Terminator. In this scenario, Artificial Intelligence is being used in a dystopic way, when the network is trying to take over the earth. The movie Her is another good example, where Scarlett Johansson voices the AI woman Samantha who lives alongside Theodore and they develop much more than a human/machine relationship. Another movie in this area is Ex Machina, which also takes a very interesting angle on this topic.

We are very excited about Artificial Intelligence and everything it can mean to the world. There are always risks with progress but we believe in positive results in general.


Browsing the internet is a very fun hobby that many people enjoy. And it can be very enjoyable. But some people just can’t find their way in terms of browsing online. They don’t know how to find interesting stuff. Well, this article will share with you some useful information about browsing the web successfully.

Getting your grips on a search engine

There are dozens of different search engines at your disposal, at all times. Of course, it’s easy to say what the most popular of them are. Google and Bing spring immediately to mind. These are two of the most powerful and most popular search engines to date. Now, what is their job? To index online websites and give the most relevant results in the search query.

interesting stuff web

Since you most likely aren’t living under a rock – chances are that you have used the search engines. And perhaps you have even used a search engine in order to get to this page.

The usefulness of these search engines cannot be overstated – or underestimated. Every time you want to learn something – you can write it down on Google. And you will get the most relevant of results within your immediate grasp. These search engines work great around the world, too. This is why they have grown so rapidly too. Today, we see people in urban parts of Africa using google to find online casinos in Africa for example as well as using image- and video search a lot to learn of the rest of the world.

Finding something interesting

You could just spare some time in doing searches on the powerful search engines. What are the things that interest you? What do you find exciting?

Just scribble down some of these things on Google and you’re off to a good start. You will potentially find millions of websites that deal with your exact subject of interest. So, in a way, the internet can never get boring for you. There are hundreds of thousands of videos and articles that you can freely peruse. And it will never get old.

Minding your privacy

You have to be mindful that some of the search engines are using your private information in order to give you better results. But you can never be certain what they end up doing with your private information. So, we suggest that you use web browsers sparingly. You will leave a trace if you’re not careful as to what you browse. And this needn’t be something illegal – or anything like that.

Some people just don’t want to share private info on the internet. We suggest you use the Tor web browser and the duckduckgo search engine.

In conclusion

By following the above advice – you will always have fun on the internet. And above all else, you will manage to protect your personal privacy.

Internet and tech are reaching mass adoption and it’s shaping our global culture more than ever. It might have taken us 25 years to get here but the pace is increasing and eventually, everyone will be online. That will again change everything we know about our online and offline world. In this article, we will look closer to what we think will happen in the internet and tech the coming year. Something that we should not forget is that almost all the new trends have a rich backstory. So the new ides are almost always already out there, the hard part is the timing! But we will do our absolute best on a few and hope that the timing is on our side. One big inspiration for this post was Ben Evans presentation Standing on the shoulders of giants.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

There is so much going on with artificial intelligence and machine learning so it is hard to make any prediction on what will explode this year. One thing to remember is that there are much artificial intelligence already around us. We agree with these key trends for 2020 but have some ideas of ourself. Somewhere we can make a professional guess is that artificial intelligence will be used more than ever in games and music. Think about human-like opponents and modes that change depending on who you are in games. In music streaming we want to see

Internet and Technology Future

more smart playlist and music recommendations and that they will get really good. Outside consumer technology, we will look extremely close to what will happen with facial recognition and how it will be used in cybersecurity and hacking.

Streaming and Mobile gaming

This space is slowly getting more and more traction. We think this might be there year streaming will break out and become something real. Both Google, Microsoft, PlayStation and GeForce everyone has is in this game and we have a hard time guessing which one is going to be the winner. One thing is for sure we think it’s getting closer. Read more in-depth about who is going to be the Netflix for streaming and who might be the winner.

Live streaming

It’s more popular than ever to watch and stream live gaming. Platforms lite Twitch have been on the internet for several years now and have recently got some big competition from YouTube gaming and others. There are also many small indie platforms out there that you also should watch out for. Cause if there is someplace where everyone wants the new and hip its in the gaming community. Since gaming and e-sport are going to get more popular every year from now this is definitely on our watch list!

So this is our guesstimations for the future in internet and technology the coming year. Hope you all are thinking about this as much as we do. It’s really hard to get anything right, but the goal is to start thinking about it and eventually we will have something right. We all remember Bill Gates famous quote “People overestimate what can be done in one year, and underestimate what can be done in ten” so have faith in us. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below, we really want to hear what our readers think.


Recent years there has been much talk about Machine Learning in the digital world. But what is Machine Learning really? How does it work? And what uses are there? In this article, we will try to find out.

Machine learning is an area within AI (Artificial Intelligence) that aims to make computers understand and handle large amounts of data independently.

Before and until now, we have told the computers what to do and how to use certain information. We have done this through programming and by writing strings of code. With machine learning, we use different types of algorithms in computers to make them smarter and faster over time.

The more data and information a computer can process, the smarter it becomes. It learns to interpret and process large amounts of data in order to be able to predict patterns. Patterns that for a human become too complex to interpret.

How can a computer learn things that a human can?

Machine Learning - the basicsThe answer to that question is pretty simple. Computers learn new things the same way we humans do.

When humans get an impression, for example through an image, that information is sent to our brain. And if this is something we have seen before, there are probably already strong connections that make us understand and recognize what we see. We touch on some of these points in our article regarding how adults can learn new skills from computer games.

In other words, computers need to be trained to perform a particular task – and they work a bit as a child – they learn by thinking for and testing themselves.

Machine Learning consists of three different phases: learning, training and evaluation

  1. Learning

A first step in Machine Learning is to teach the computer to perform a specific task. To do so, you can use two different methods: supervised and unsupervised learning.

  • Supervised learning is the most common form of machine learning. It is the concept of training the computer with labelled data, i.e. data containing examples of desired answers. This method is, for example, used to identify fake credit cards – then a data set of both known false and valid uses of credit cards is used to train the computer.
  • Unsupervised learning means that you feed the computer with unlabeled data. The purpose is to teach the computer to identify relationships. This method is, for example, used to teach the computer to identify and group customers with similar buying habits.
  1. Exercise

The next step in Machine Learning is to start training the computer to get the most accurate result possible. If you have decided to use the supervised learning method to identify fake credit cards as in the example above, you start feeding your computer with the information that contains correct and incorrect information (supervised learning).

Then you randomly split the information and use one part to train the computer and another to test or evaluate the computer’s ability to predict events.

  1. Evaluation

After you have a trained computer, you need to evaluate it further using the remaining test data. Then you use data with a result you already know and have verified, to see if the trained computer makes accurate predictions.

It is important to remember that Machine Learning is a constantly ongoing process and that your computer is constantly getting smarter and faster the more data you add. There are also different types of algorithms suitable for different types of expected outcomes.

Why should I use (or at least understand) Machine Learning?

Do you want to be able to easily draw conclusions from large amounts of customer data? Or be able to quickly adapt your communication or offers to new information? Or predict the outcome of an upcoming football tournament? Yes, then you should invest in Machine Learning. It will help you discover patterns, such as when a customer needs input to their a business or if a paying customer is about to leave your business.
You can also use Machine Learning to analyze historical data and make intelligent assumptions about the future – for example, by predicting what will happen – it will help you plan and allocate your resources better.

Videogames are fun hobbies that many people enjoy. In fact, the number of people that enjoy playing videogames is getting bigger by the day. And it’s all fine and well if you enjoy yourself for an hour – or two of videogames. It’s a fun way to pass the time, after all. And it can offer a nice stretch for your brain – gaming can work as a nice brain-exercise. However, there are dangers to gaming. There are many people that are getting addicted to it.

Defining addiction to videogames

The fact is that there are dozens of different definitions when it comes to videogame addiction. It’s a loose phrase. Some people would have you believe that if you spend more than 30 minutes at a time, you’re addicted. Others would say that the line is set at 6 hours and more. But it’s not about the time that you spend. It’s about how you relate to gaming and what do you think about when you’re NOT gaming.

If you find yourself thinking about gaming at all times, or if you spend more and more time in front of the videogame console – you may be addicted. It’s as simple as that.

Battling the addiction

videogame addictionWe have some good news for you. You can wage war against your addiction to videogames and win. People have done this, and many more people will do this. However, the bad news is that it’s not that easy. Our recommendation to you is to cut all your ties to videogames. This is the so-called “cold turkey” approach to addiction. It’s the most effective approach – albeit the most painful, too.

Luckily, there are some things that you could do in order to make things easier. First off – steer clear of the environments where you’re used to gaming. The environment can have a powerful impact on your emotions, thoughts, and actions. For example, if you have been playing videogames all day long in your bedroom – it’s time to make a change. Start spending your time in the other rooms – or outside.

Then, you should also be mindful with whom you’re hanging out with. If you’re friends with someone who’s also addicted, consider putting your relationship on standby. This may not be interpreted as a kind gesture – but it’s very necessary.

Addiction within online casino

It is quite common with addiction within the online casino industry. Plenty of people have suffered from this. However, for the last couple of years, casinos have taken a lot more responsibility regarding this. Now, you can easily find help on the casinos’ websites and there is a lot of help to get. Playing at casinos can be very fun and lucrative, getting free spins at sign up and a big casino bonus make it very interesting to try it out. But remember to never gamble for money you can’t afford to lose.

In conclusion

You too can win against the addiction to videogames. We hope that you will follow the advice above and conquer this malady.

Online gambling is fun, the adrenaline rush towards each roll of dice (figuratively) or spins, the increased heartbeat before the winners are announced, and the excitement when you finally win. Before we launch into the nitty-gritty, here are tips on how you best can gamble using computer software and web-based casino platforms.

Notwithstanding the fun that gambling brings, there is something about gambling that people fail to realize, it is not always about luck. For slots, it is entirely about luck but if you are playing poker och betting you can actually use quite a lot of computer software and web-based products to improve your gameplay. These tips act as a guide, to give you the basic knowledge you need before you venture into a computer- & web-based strategic gambling, and talking about tips, here are a few simple ones that should help.

  • Do your homework: There are tons of gambling sites on the net, and you need to be sure of which one gets your money, you need to do a large amount of research, go through websites that list out reputable sites, for example, These ones usually have something to lose, so they make a safer choice, but still, do not stop there, search deeper, search for reviews, you should never put your money into where you are not sure of. With a statistic program, you can calculate if you have the odds at your hands when signing up and using a welcome bonus. If you, for example, have a 7x wagering requirement and play blackjack or a slot with a return to the player there is a big chance that your odds are better than the casino for that particular bonus.
  • Have an antivirus: If you are going to stay on the net for some time out of the 24 hours you are given in a day gambling, please have a strong firewall and antivirus. Protect your system. Getting hacked or catching a virus while gambling is an awful thing, be protected. This is one of the most important factors, especially if you are using the operating system Windows.
  • Do not use your credit card: There are E-wallets where you could save money in, away from your main account. You can create virtual credit card numbers that are only useful once and then not available anymore. One great option for virtual credit cards is Revolut. Make use of those rather than use your credit card. This is a good way to ensure that the rest of your money is safe. You do not want to wake up one morning and find out that all of your money has grown wings and taken a flight out of your account.

computer software web-based gambling tips

There are many reasons why people gamble online, the thrill, the fun, the extra cash, and the wins. All these reasons are valid. Nevertheless, if you are going to take such a risk, have the right knowledge and use the recommended computer software and web-based programs described above.