AR vs. VR in Gaming

Technology is advancing and rapidly changing dynamically; more so, in the gaming industry, in contrast to the 90s when the revolution had just begun, more related stuff is becoming possible today. For instance, a portion of the most creative and nigh-impossible inventions are emerging to the technological industry frontline; they are Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Augmented and virtual reality are both similar in one thing, the ability to alter how we perceive the physical world. However, they differ in the perception of our presence. With this said, let us put things into perspective by using gaming as a point of reference. Virtual Reality surpasses Augmented Reality when it comes to gaming, even though the latter is more industrious than the former.

ar vr gaming

Gaming Contrasts on both platforms

In truth, virtual reality developers create and dominate the entire environment. It’s a video game but constructing a virtual world for habitation by someone (gamer), implies you can tell them a story by systematically placing certain trigger events, controlling character, controlling lighting, etc. Players then navigate this created virtual world through a specially designed hardware but remain sitting or standing in the same place in the physical world.

However, augmented reality doesn’t offer any level of control. A game developed and immersed in AR, lets you play on the move, this means that you’ll have to be mindful of your surroundings. Additionally, you will need vast amounts of space to play specific games like role-playing games and strategic military campaign games.

AR is just not good for traditional games

That fact that control in AR has been stripped is the main issue with augmented reality gaming. Most games require control and AR cannot afford it. However, in games that utilize your creativity like strategy games, then AR would shine and outdo its limitations.


To the winners of this argument in the future, the answer could be determined by one’s perception. However, in the near future, VR will probably become the giant in the gaming industry, simply because of the technology developing it presently is more advanced than AR developing the technology. However, with the improvement of AR mechanics in the subsequent years will yield more success for the platform. A point to note is that AR is much younger than VR, therefore the rate at which they advance is different.

Who knows, there could be room for both in the near future.