Artificial intelligence – An Overview

Artificial intelligence, AI, is something we hear more and more about every week. But what does this really mean? And how will we, you, be affected by this? In this overview guide of AI, we will look into this new and very interesting technology.

What is Artificial intelligence?

In short terms, AI is when machines can get intelligent by themselves. Up until recently, computers and other machines have only been able to act from what we, humans, have programmed them to do. With AI, the machines get cognitive features which can give them the possibility to learn from earlier experiences. In the long-term, these machines are supposed to be used in multiple different areas and can save a lot of time from humans. Today, already, AI is used within the casino industry and many other areas. But, the technology has so far only taken some baby steps, why we expect to see more and more of this in the next coming years.

artificial intelligence

However, a risk is that unemployment will increase a lot to cheap Artificial intelligence machines at positions whereas humans before have been needed. This issue divides thinkers into two sections; the progressive thinkers that believe that the time saved will result in humans having an opportunity to be more productive and feeling better, whereas the opposition sees a lot of people getting into poverty and a larger inequality.

Learn more about AI in a fun way – Watch movies

If you are interested in seeing how AI can be used in real life, watching a couple of movies about this is a good, and fun, idea! Many of us remember “Skynet”, from the epic film series Terminator. In this scenario, Artificial Intelligence is being used in a dystopic way, when the network is trying to take over the earth. The movie Her is another good example, where Scarlett Johansson voices the AI woman Samantha who lives alongside Theodore and they develop much more than a human/machine relationship. Another movie in this area is Ex Machina, which also takes a very interesting angle on this topic.

We are very excited about Artificial Intelligence and everything it can mean to the world. There are always risks with progress but we believe in positive results in general.