Artificial intelligence - An Overview

Artificial intelligence – An Overview

Artificial intelligence, AI, is something we hear more and more about every week. But what does this really mean? And how will we, you, be affected by this? In this overview guide of AI, we will look into this new…

interesting stuff web

Finding interesting stuff on the web

Introduction Browsing the internet is a very fun hobby that many people enjoy. And it can be very enjoyable. But some people just can’t find their way in terms of browsing online. They don’t know how to find interesting stuff….

Internet and Technology Future

Internet and technology future

Internet and tech are reaching mass adoption and it’s shaping our global culture more than ever. It might have taken us 25 years to get here but the pace is increasing and eventually, everyone will be online. That will again…

Machine Learning - the basics

Machine Learning – the basics

Recent years there has been much talk about Machine Learning in the digital world. But what is Machine Learning really? How does it work? And what uses are there? In this article, we will try to find out. Machine learning…

computer software web-based gambling tips

Computer Software and Web-Based Gambling Tips

Online gambling is fun, the adrenaline rush towards each roll of dice (figuratively) or spins, the increased heartbeat before the winners are announced, and the excitement when you finally win. Before we launch into the nitty-gritty, here are tips on…

Computer Games As Teaching Tools For Working Adults

Computer Games As Teaching Tools For Working Adults

While computer games are a popular source of entertainment they can also be used for educational purposes. Many industries now use specially designed computer games to train new employees and update the skills of established employees. One of them is…