What to expect from new casinos 2018?

New casinos 2018, yes, what can you really expect from this fast growing industry in 2018? One thing is certain, and that is that time will fly by when you notice how fun you’re having when playing on all new online casinos that appear daily. Half of  2017 has already passed us by, and we are now in the middle of more relaxing summer times with sun, bathing and maybe some fun online casino-sessions at the beach. Perhaps it’s time to calm down after a long and cold winter, while looking ahead to see what’s up for the casino industry in the future.

new casinos 2018

An incredible growth for New Casinos 2018

The casino-industry is an industry that grows at a rate that almost feels a bit unreal. And everyone seems to want a bite! With little more open rules and softer jurisdictions, an online casino can now be started relatively smoothly – if you have the motivation and the money that is. However, to succeed in the industry, one must really go all the way while doing something innovative in this increasingly saturated industry.

Gamefication and VR at New Casinon 2018

The question is how the future of online casinos will look, and what can you expect from new casinos in 2018? “Gamefication” is a term used quite regularly when it comes to companies today; Mostly in the IT and commerce sector. What “gamefication” briefly means, is that the site create a kind of “game” for customers so that they feel a form of success and satisfaction when performing actions on thir website. It may be a matter of giving players gold coins or emblems when solving a problem or otherwise proceeding in the game. An example of retailing may be that the customer receives an offer like: “Order 6 different items online, and you will gain a level, and get a gold medal to show others on your profile page.” Similar systems are implemented at online casinos 2018, where players gain a “level” or level up the more times they place money, participate in different campaigns and win or take home bonuses!

Another thing we will see is being implemented at the new casinos in 2018, Virtual Reality Support. It also appears that so-called AR (Augumented Reality) will be implemented in one way or another for online casino for mobile devices. Imagine Pokemon GO with a casino theme, where you see casino moments in the real world and can download Free Spins while you’re out walking. Pretty exciting times!