Mobile Gaming In 2019

Mobile Gaming In 2019

In 2019, mobile gaming is more popular than it ever has been before, and this is a trend that is expected to continue. Many changes will be coming to the mobile gaming industry this year.

While so far, mobile games have primarily been confined to one-player games, 2019 is expected to bring many more multiplayer focused games, such as e-sports. Since these games are ideal for quick play, it makes sense that e-sports would get in on the trend, as they can be played in a short amount of time. In Latvia, as an example, mobile gaming has grown very much for the last couple of years. Along with the big online casino industry, people seem to really embrace easy-to-use gaming. At this is being discussed along with many other computer- and/or gaming news.

As casual players prefer others to e-games, the industry is expanding all types. Many new developers will start with games targeting casual players so they can start to build a fan base before they release more elaborate games. They will then go on to track their players through the mobile devices they use. That information is then taken into consideration when developers are creating new games designed to appeal to the players they already entertain.

Real time data is also being used to up the ante when it comes to multiplayer games. When games can be played in real time they are often more appealing to a large sector. Independent game developers are finding that is has become easier than ever to create real time games and have been embracing their newfound ability to easily do so.

AR & VR into Mobile Gaming

This year is also expected to bring augmented reality (AR,) and virtual reality (VR,) experiences into mobile gaming like never before. Experts are already saying that virtual reality games will be more accessible to the average player than VR experiences have been in the past. However, it is still much easier to incorporate augmented reality into mobile games. Pokemon Go is one example of a mobile game that has already introduced augmented reality to players.

Mobile Gaming In 2019Thanks to these additions to mobile gaming the industry is expected to have an overall market value of $110 billion by the end of the year. Statistics now show that for every $10 spent of gaming, $4 of it is spent on mobile gaming.

However, there has been talk that console games are going to continue to overshadow mobile games, though many in the industry believe that this is shifting. These days, mobile devices can handle games that were previously only played on consoles. One of the major appeals of mobile gaming, to manufacturers, is that touch screen technology makes mobile games more interactive than console games ever could be.

Unique gaming experiences are being created that are limited to mobile devices and this is helping the industry grow by leaps and bounds. Mobile game developers are changing their approach based on current technology as well as player expectations. Developers strive to create mobile games that can’t be experienced anywhere else, giving them an appeal that will likely lead to their longevity. Future advances in technology as well as the changing expectations of players will play a huge part in shaping the mobile gaming industry.