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Last Words about Incredible Spins

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Though gaming is a healthy hobby for most people, in some cases it can and does become a dangerous obsession. So much so, that as of 2018 the World Health Organization (WHO) now considers Internet gaming addiction to be a mental disorder.

In order to be considered suffering from a mental disorder, gamers must play a minimum of 12 hours per day for a period of no less than one calendar year. This fits the WHO approved definition of a gaming mental disorder. Impaired control is the biggest symptom of this disorder but others include impaired relationships with friends and family members.

Facilities equipped to redeem gaming addicts were previously not reimbursed for the services they offered, but that has changed with the declaration that this addiction is a disorder. This does point to a shift in the industry that will now make it easier for gaming addicts to seek help.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has proposed that Internet Gaming Disorder should be a category of disease as declared by the American Psychiatric Association.

American Psychiatric Association vs WHO

There has been some controversy surrounding this decision as the American Psychiatric Association is arguing that WHO’s definition of Internet Gaming Disorders is too ambiguous. The DSM and WHO have very different ideas about what constitutes this type of illness. Those with the DSM feel that it is a natural progression for substance abusers, yet WHO wholeheartedly disagrees.

Internet Gaming DisordersIf anything, this discrepancy in definitions has led to increased discussion about the topic and has shed light on it that may not have been shed otherwise. All of this talk is likely to lead to not only an expanded definition but also a variety of treatment methods. When it comes to this topic of conversation the focus has been what the differences are between gamers who become addicted and those who don’t.

Many at the DSM have stated that WHO would have benefitted from speaking with gamers and gaming software companies prior to defining what an addiction to gaming actually is. The popular opinion is that a gaming addiction is not a disorder in it itself, simply that it resulted from some other kind of mental disorder.

There have been arguments made that gaming disorders are not as stable as other types. What this means is that one gamer, tested for addiction at six month intervals might show an addiction in the first test but not the second. This has led to speculation that attempting to treat someone with a gaming addiction may actually do more harm than good.

In the case of children suffering from anxiety and depression while addicted to gaming, a study was done that showed when the gaming addiction was cured the anxiety and depression went away also. The same study showed that of those who consider themselves gamers, no more than 1% had an addiction.

Only time will tell how gaming addictions are thought of and treated in the future. Concerted efforts are being made to get the problem under control.

While computer games are a popular source of entertainment they can also be used for educational purposes. Many industries now use specially designed computer games to train new employees and update the skills of established employees.

One of them is the hospitality industry, as those who work in it can use a computer game to learn proper customer service skills. Some of today’s largest hotel chains use a computer game in which common customer situations are simulated so that employees can get hands on training before they start a new job. These games are used to train hotel housekeepers, front desk agents and more.

Computer games that train adults for their work

An undisclosed brewery also sees the value of computer games. They used one to train their bartenders by letting them play a game in which completing a good pour gets them a reward. The game also penalizes bartenders who make a mistake during their pour that would possibly lead to cross-contamination in a real situation.

The food services industry has utilized computer games in more than one way. A good example of this is one particular ice cream franchise that uses a video game to show their employees how to serve the proper sized scoop.

Computer Games As Teaching Tools For Working AdultsEven the healthcare industry is getting in on the trend of using computer games as a teaching tool. Call center employees for a major carrier of health insurance have jumped on the bandwagon. They are using an app game that includes healthcare trivia questions which randomly pop up. A study conducted by the manufacturer of the game determined that using the computer game for training led to a deduction in mistakes made by 66%.

Surgeons are also using computer games to learn and refine necessary skills for their profession. Simulators have been created to teach laparoscopic surgeons how to use small incision tools in a safe and effective manner. Story based games are also being used to help improve not only hand-eye coordination but also spatial perception, something that is critical for laparoscopic surgeons.

Even hospitals can use games

There are even hospitals that have taken to using computer games to help train staff members on how to handle urgent care/emergency situations. Using computer games for this purpose is expected to result in fewer errors made by staff in addition to raising patient care standards.

Other industries that use computer games as teaching tools include accounting and firefighting. Accountants have now begun playing games that include knowledge tests built into the software. They are motivated to answer the questions correctly because if they don’t they can’t keep playing the game.

In the firefighting industry simulators have long been used to teach employees the proper ways to extinguish a fire safely and effectively. New firefighters can easily be trained to work together to get their job done. This allows them to make mistakes in situations where no one’s life is in danger and makes them more effective in real life scenarios. It is the perfect example of how computer games can be educational.

In 2019, mobile gaming is more popular than it ever has been before, and this is a trend that is expected to continue. Many changes will be coming to the mobile gaming industry this year.

While so far, mobile games have primarily been confined to one-player games, 2019 is expected to bring many more multiplayer focused games, such as e-sports. Since these games are ideal for quick play, it makes sense that e-sports would get in on the trend, as they can be played in a short amount of time. In Latvia, as an example, mobile gaming has grown very much for the last couple of years. Along with the big online casino industry, people seem to really embrace easy-to-use gaming. At this is being discussed along with many other computer- and/or gaming news.

As casual players prefer others to e-games, the industry is expanding all types. Many new developers will start with games targeting casual players so they can start to build a fan base before they release more elaborate games. They will then go on to track their players through the mobile devices they use. That information is then taken into consideration when developers are creating new games designed to appeal to the players they already entertain.

Real time data is also being used to up the ante when it comes to multiplayer games. When games can be played in real time they are often more appealing to a large sector. Independent game developers are finding that is has become easier than ever to create real time games and have been embracing their newfound ability to easily do so.

AR & VR into Mobile Gaming

This year is also expected to bring augmented reality (AR,) and virtual reality (VR,) experiences into mobile gaming like never before. Experts are already saying that virtual reality games will be more accessible to the average player than VR experiences have been in the past. However, it is still much easier to incorporate augmented reality into mobile games. Pokemon Go is one example of a mobile game that has already introduced augmented reality to players.

Mobile Gaming In 2019Thanks to these additions to mobile gaming the industry is expected to have an overall market value of $110 billion by the end of the year. Statistics now show that for every $10 spent of gaming, $4 of it is spent on mobile gaming.

However, there has been talk that console games are going to continue to overshadow mobile games, though many in the industry believe that this is shifting. These days, mobile devices can handle games that were previously only played on consoles. One of the major appeals of mobile gaming, to manufacturers, is that touch screen technology makes mobile games more interactive than console games ever could be.

Unique gaming experiences are being created that are limited to mobile devices and this is helping the industry grow by leaps and bounds. Mobile game developers are changing their approach based on current technology as well as player expectations. Developers strive to create mobile games that can’t be experienced anywhere else, giving them an appeal that will likely lead to their longevity. Future advances in technology as well as the changing expectations of players will play a huge part in shaping the mobile gaming industry.

The internet is one of the biggest and greatest achievements of humanity. It has managed to revolutionize who we are. Practically every aspect of our lives is under the influence of the internet. There have been many changes that were precipitated by the introduction of the internet. One of them is a transfer of the source point of news.

Recently the newspaper was the king

Not that long ago, newspapers were kings of the ways of getting news. But with the advent of the internet, this has changed. Many people find out that it’s a lot more practical to see the news online than it is to read a newspaper. The fact of the matter is that this practicality is what may one day soon destroy the newspaper industry.

newspaper internetBut should you actually transfer your news reading habits from the newspaper to the internet? Some people are reluctant to make this change. These are typically older people – people that are used to reading a paper for the better part of their lives. And who can blame them – there are actually a number of benefits to reading the news in a newspaper.

First of all, you can read the newspaper anywhere. You can eat while reading the news. You can travel in a train and read the newspaper. You can even read the newspaper on a bench in the park. Moreover, there is something that’s difficult to explain in words about the newspaper experience. This “X-factor” is contained in the experience itself. It’s reminiscent of reading a book – and there are many people that are fond of this experience. So, they are hard to let go of their newspaper reading habit and go to the internet.

But the internet is slowly, but surely, taking a bigger part in our lives. There are newer and more practical ways to access the internet that are being discovered on a daily basis. Everything that we said about being able to read the newspaper everywhere – is also true of the internet. You can bring your tablet or smartphone along with you. Provided you have access to the internet – you will be able to read anything you like.

All news on the internet

And the news sources are manifold on the internet. It won’t be practical for you go buy 10 newspapers and read them all. But you can easily sift through the news sources online. All you need to do is write the newspaper’s website in the browser and you’re all set. So, in this sense, the internet can be a lot more practical source of news than the newspaper itself.

That being said, what is your preferred method of checking out the news? Do you enjoy reading the newspaper? Or you prefer to read the news on the internet? Perhaps you enjoy some other ways of getting the news, like the TV. We hope this article managed to make a few clarifications as to the declining popularity of newspapers and the increasing popularity of the internet. Pick your favorite news source and enjoy reading the news.

The world gaming is constantly expanding. Gaming was always a popular activity ever since its inception back in the day. But nowadays it has grown to be a several billion dollar industry. Almost everyone in the western world can say that they have played a certain videogame. And more and more people are getting hooked to the world of videogames. Who is to blame them? The videogames are a fun way to spend your free time and they can even be a challenge. If you wish to be on par with where the industry is going – then we suggest you read the gaming news.

There are several important reasons as to why you would want to read the gaming news. The first one of them is contained in the introductory paragraph. The development of the gaming industry has reached light-speed. There are new developments on a constant basis.

There are the people that are designing the games. Videogame companies are practically in the millions now. If you wish to follow what the biggest videogame companies are working on – then you need to read the news.

Gaming News being released all the time

News games being released on a daily basis. Again – you should keep up with the news in order to know what the latest games are. You will be much better equipped to find your favorite games based on the news that you have read. It will be an easy thing to do to pick up a game and to know that you will love it.

importance reading gaming news and play ukLuckily for you, there are many news sources that you can check out if you wish to learn gaming news. There are magazines, editorials, video news, and everything else in between. There are even websites where you can learn about casinos. If you are from the UK and like to play at the casino you can find information about Play UK Casino at If you wish to learn more about the current state of the gaming industry – then there are many options that you can check out.
The best reason to see gaming news is that you will frequently be able to see the gameplay of particular games. Back in the day, most people didn’t have this luxury. They had to purchase games and pray that they were good. But today you can just about a game and see images or videos of the gameplay. Moreover, game reviewers will share information about what makes a video game good or bad. You can decide your mind based on this on whether to actually go and purchase the game.

Final words

So, if you’re a fan of gaming, then one of the smartest things that you could do is read the gaming news. There are so many different benefits of doing this that we will need a book to enumerate them all. Most of all – reading gaming news can be a very fun experience. As we’ve mentioned in one of the previous paragraphs – gaming is a field that’s under tremendous development at the present moment. This means that there is no shortage of gaming news that you can read, see, and hear. So, go ahead and check out your favorite news outlet when it comes to gaming!